Creating healthy SMILES from 1996

The Lucy K Dental Implant Center and its experienced staff encourage Torrance to have a healthy smile. We are proud of our work and strive to provide our patients with a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Dr. Lucy K, I do not know that two smiles are the same. He and his team spend their time customizing their care and promoting a radiant smile. We accept most insurance plans, except for HMO plans. Visit our services section for more information on how you can make a beautiful smile. A dental specialist at an affordable price. We accept most insurance plans.

Dental implants

If you are missing teeth or have enough dentures or removable covers, think about dental implants. Available in the doctor’s office. Lucy K., the implantation center. Lucy K, the implants replace the permanent teeth and the roots of the teeth. Because implants replace both root and tooth, they provide comfort, confidence, safety, and a natural look.

Family Dental Office



Professional Cleanings

Brushing is part of oral hygiene and includes the removal of dental plaque to prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Pleasant and clean dances are the key to how we see ourselves and how we feel and how others see us. We all try to take care of our teeth: clean, clean, use a regular oral antiseptic, but sometimes it is not enough to remove the deposits of the hardest tiles and leave a bright smile. Tender Care Center in Torrance offers a new approach in dentistry that eliminates the hassles of traditional practice to provide professional dental care at an affordable price.

Deep cleaning at dentist


Fluoride Treatments

Only a small amount of fluoride can help prevent tooth decay and can even help restore teeth that are in the early stages of tooth decay. Although you can get some fluoride from water sources and additives to optimize the effects, it is better to have a real fluoridation. Torrance transmits local fluoride technology processes in Torrance. It only takes a few minutes and can help a lot in the fight against cavities. Advice for fluorine lakes.

Tips For Applying Fluoride Varnish



Sometimes also called “silver filler,” dental amalgam is a silver material that is used to fill teeth with empty spaces (hardening). The dental amalgam consists of two almost equal parts:
Mercury and silver powder, tin, copper, zinc, and other metals.
Amalgam is one of the most widely used Zahnfüllmittel and is considered safe, reliable and effective in the treatment of caries.


Many solid molars and Prämolarenzähne are broken with very visible grooves, bacteria can penetrate, but our brushes cannot reach. As a result, it creates the perfect environment for the multiplication of bacteria and the formation of teeth.

A sealant does what its name suggests … it seals the furrows so bacteria can not appear. Two misconceptions about stamps, which only seal children, provide benefits and each tooth requires sealing material. The reality is different: from patient to patient and from tooth to tooth. In Hansen dentistry, we never use a level-based approach, so we recommend using only dental sealant, regardless of the age of our patients!


Root Canals

Our skilled staff have completed hundreds of ways and conclusions and have been striving for the process to be as fast and as possible as possible. From controlled pumping to turning of motorcycle tools, our rock stones are fast and easy. Because we have our own lab, we can instantly make a crown. This means that the crown that is installed as part of the root canal is on the same flight so you do not have to go to our office. This means less time in the needle and less time for the dentist and what is important to you.

The root canal is used to determine the natural cavity inside the tooth where the softcore area of ​​the cup or pot is. Dental nerve, whose activity is zero, is also located in the root canal. If the carpet (teeth of inflammation, collapse or collapse) or infection (due to division), tissues and nerves die from cellulose, which can cause serious infections that bacteria build and are not treated. Leading to the following: Toothbrush, bone loss at the roots, face swelling, neck swelling, head and dental opening cause problems with crawling of the skin or skin gums.

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